After-sales service : Tamkeen Investment and Real Estate Development Company provides after-sales services and guarantees through our high-quality and professional contractors and suppliers. As the customer is our concern, we provide a trained customer service and technical support team to accompany the client in stages starting from signing the contract until after receipt.


Pre-sale services: Tamkeen Investment and Real Estate Development Company works according to the highest quality standards and within international specifications to produce high-quality products, which makes our residential units a destination that intends to own a home in the future. Tamkeen seeks through architectural developments to develop society and support the national economy by bridging the gap between supply and demand and developing the population culture through its modern designs that open new horizons for the style of residential units in the Kingdom's market.
  • Finishes
    1 Year
  • Electrical Extensions Inside Walls
    1 Year
  • Sanitary Extensions Inside Walls
    1 Year
  • Structural structure
    15 Years


Masaya housing ...
We offer unique architectural designs that provide spaces
A wide range of luxury and a sense of the beauty of the place
And his reconciliation with nature. We designed the facades
Open large glass of resistant and insulating glass
To heat, which makes the house part with sunlight
Al Sharqi, to add a sense of wonderful life ..

Where is the Masaya site?
Masaya is located in Al-Rawabi neighborhood in Dammam
All infrastructure services are provided completely in return
Green spaces that extend on flat surfaces
And the news.

Grand, which is Aramco Environmental Park, which is considered the largest
And the most beautiful environmental park in the eastern region.
There are many shopping centers, restaurants and schools
And mosques close to the neighborhood that is adjacent and parallel
Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Road is one of the most important roads
Between Dammam and Dhuhr

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