Frequently asked questions

General inquiries

What is Tamkean?

Tamkean is a real estate investment and development company offering diversified real estate products and quality residential solutions based in Dammam city.


What are Tamkean projects?

Tamkean offers multi-size residential units, both villas and apartments.


In case of initial booking, how long to complete the transfer procedure?

This is done based on the completion rate of the project, and usually if the project is complete, it is emptied and owned within less than an hour.

Is the reservation worth a refund?

Returns are made only in the period of condition.


How to book a residential unit at Tamkean?

By visiting the company's headquarters or website or visiting the sales centers at Tamkean.


Project inquiries

Can the buyer make a modification to the units?

The buyer can modify the interior spaces during the development process and the facades and recesses are not possible.


Legal inquiries

What documents are required to complete the transfer of ownership?

National ID card, national address and e-mail.

Who should be present at the transfer of ownership?

The buyer is represented by himself or by a legitimate agency, a legitimate agent of the seller and a legitimate agent of the financier if the purchase is through a bank or finance company.


Do you offer Tamkean guarantees on residential units?

There is a program (The Promise), which is an integrated program for maintenance and warranties of empowerment.


Finance inquiries

Are there financing solutions?

We offer integrated financing solutions through agreements signed with banks and finance companies...


Is the real estate development fund accepted?

Yes, we accept it by finding supportive financing solutions to complement the value of the unit.


Does Tamkean offer installments for its residential units?

Yes, Tamkean offers installments for its units and also according to its own program offers integrated financing solutions that support housing seekers...