We are honored in (Tamkean) to serve our clients and meet their housing as befits with your taste and commission and aspirations, for housing typical making them feel well-being and stability , and therefore we follow strategies modern and sophisticated in our strategies real estate to understand the aspirations of those customers and provide them with quality services and intelligent in their patterns of residential and appliqué in real estate

We are working according to the experiences deep in the real estate market and employment projects in modern comfort and tranquility in the dwelling modern accommodate the rules of the residential environment and social development in Saudi Arabia and inspired by the spirit of the times in modern architecture , so it was our mission to provide solutions to residential model and integrated to our customers, through sophisticated methods in systems ownership and finance and purchasing rents

We have in our real estate package targets and are looking forward to achieve in the short and long term so we reserve our services the right of exclusivity and our customers the right to excellence, and that service consumers through the provision of real estate solutions flexible and suitable for all social strata, and develop the capacity of the company and scope of work to cover all the needs of residential and real estate customers , so that we can provide new ways of life retains the basic family values of Saudi society

Our mission will continue , God willing, to invent a more comfortable housing solutions inspired by the future needs of the customers and international experiences in this field, and increase the strength and the presence of the company in the real estate market through systematic plans to accommodate developments and the aspirations of the near and distant future

Arch. Hamed Bn Hamri