Truth & Ambition



Tamkean Investment and Real Estate Development Company, a Saudi joint stock closed based on the principle of smart partnership between the citizen and the founders who enjoy the experience of an ancient and long in the field of housing and real estate development and innovation housing solutions flexible to enable all segments of society from having decent housing fits their financial and achieve their ambitions in the housing modern retains culture Saudi Arabia and architecture at the same time accommodate the developments of modern architecture.


And enjoy the founders of (Tamkean) the expertise of a large investment in the economic and real estate are employed professionally in order to serve custom- ers with high quality in real estate products offered by the company, and The establishment (Tamkean) the partnership, collected experiences of three institutions, real estate has a long history in the real estate market, locally and globally, they  are: Al-Ahmad Hamad  Algosaibi and Globe Marine World and Hamed bin Hamri Qahtani, where they met in the provision of housing solutions suitable for all lifted from their shoulders the burden of thinking about owning houses realized her dreams and meet the aspirations of the most direct ways of acquisitions, most flexible, and share the other partners in the same gravity and economic weight of the in order to enable customers to achieve their ambitions and dreams residential easily.